Our Team

Rhys Stenner

Senior Pastor

Al Mead

North Campus Pastor

Ellis Daniel

South Campus Pastor

Zeke Listenbee

Worship Arts Pastor

Tim Woodruff

Executive Pastor

Alex Edwards

Student Pastor - South Campus

Mike Stewart

Student Pastor - North Campus

Meet Our Team

Valencia Marierose

Senior Pastor's Assistant

TaJuanna Taylor

North Campus - Administrator

Beth Honeycutt

Media Director

Micah King

Creative Arts Assistant

Michael Ahmann

Music Director

Braxton Gibbs

Production Director Intern - North Campus

Carol Calhoun

Production Director Assistant

Rina King

Student Ministry Assistant - South Campus

Stephanie Angileri

Student Ministry Assistant

Brian McGuire

Property and Facilities Manager

Shane Mixon

Facilities Lead - South Campus

Jordan Johnson

Facilities Staff

Manda Woodward

Weekday Director - South Campus

Rachel Crawford

Weekday Associate - North Campus

Kerry Daniel

Weekday Director - North Campus

Vickie Terry

Campus Director, South

Marion Ferencz

Missions Assistant

Karen Bassett

Business Administration Assistant

Nancy Wallace

Business & Records Assistant

Nathan Plunkett

Facilities Technician

Harry Bell

Facilities Staff

Maurice Mobley

Facilities Staff

Harold Bell

Facilities Staff

Linda Wallace

Food Service Director

Karen Frnka

Assistant Food Service Director

Ministry Team

Tina Plunkett

Director, Kids Ministry North Campus

Susan Heim

Interim Director, Kids Ministry South campus

Stephanie Evans

Director, Preschool Ministry South Campus

Candace Plange-Ogoe

Director, Preschool Ministry North Campus

Heather Elliott

Coordinator, Kids Ministry South Campus

Jennifer Wallace

Coordinator, Kids Ministry North Campus

Lindsey Parham

Coordinator, Preschool Ministry South Campus

Loris Young

Associate, Preschool Ministry North Campus

Edgar Montano

Hispanic Campus Pastor

Mel Turner

Family Minister

Lesley Deyton

Minister of Engagement & Development

Rich Terry

Minister of Community and Global Impact

Joe Pritchett

Finance & Business Administrator

Jimmy McCullough

Property & Facilities Director

Hugh Kirby

Inter-Generational Minister

Dan Akins

Senior Adults Minister