Hot Topics With Lesley Deyton

April 10, 6:30 pm - May 1 - 8:00 pm  |  North Campus

North Campus: Room 108-110

Wednesdays, April 10th – May 1st


Explore some of the most pressing issues of our time in our dynamic “Hot Topics” class series! Each standalone session delves into a thought-provoking subject, offering fresh insights and lively discussion. Uncover the sweeping narrative of “The Epic Story: The Bible in a Nutshell,” gaining a concise yet profound understanding of biblical history and its relevance today. Delve into the complexities of “Israel and Peace in the Middle East,” navigating the practical and spiritual dimensions of this conflict. Journey through the rich symbolism and significance of “The Feasts of the Lord,” discovering the timeless truths embedded within these ancient celebrations. Lastly, confront the age-old debate surrounding “Angels and Demons,” exploring the supernatural realm and its impact on our lives. Join us for an enlightening exploration of these “Hot Topics” and deepen your understanding of the world around you!