The Building Project


What are we planning to build at the South Campus?
The new construction at the South Campus will consist of 13,360 square feet of additional educational space to include 18 rooms for children and adult education and a large multi-use room for children and other events. The new rooms will be connected to the existing education space via the current hallway system.

When do we plan to start construction and move into the new educational space?
Based on funding, the desire is to start construction in early summer with a goal of approximately 9 to 10 months to completion.  This should allow us to take advantage of better building conditions.

What is the building process?
The building team lead by Josh Bonner has worked with an architectural team, church staff, and volunteer church leaders to maximize the space design of the new educational area.  The general contractor is finalizing costs based on the architectural plans ($1.4 to $1.6 million estimate).  After May 17th, we will have a good idea of how much funding we have available.  Based on the giving results and the construction costs, the Finance Team will work with the Executive Team, building team, and deacons to recommend a construction plan to the church.

How does this building fit into the current building program?
The new educational space at the South Campus was part of the overall construction/renovation plan when we started the building program 3+ years ago. We have already completed numerous projects at a cost of $3.8 million to include the renovation of the North Campus Worship Center, Student Center / Cafe, South Soccer Fields & Field House, and South ‘Old Campus’ classrooms renovations.  With $5.4 million pledged and $4.4 million given to date, we need the remaining $1 million to complete the project.

How do we plan to raise the additional funds necessary to complete the new construction?
For 134 years, when the people of New Hope step out in faith, God has miraculously provided!  New Hope has seen God provide in numerous ways over the last century as we have built the two wonderful campuses we worship in today.   On Sunday May 17, we plan to have a day of giving during our worship services at both campuses to raise the $1 million through giving and pledges.  As we step out in faith on this project, each of us needs to pray and give as God leads.   While we have a great financial start already, we believe God will provide what is needed through His people.

How was the new educational space designed?
Working with our architectural firm Foley Designs, the building team and key ministry personnel laid out the room configuration to maximize the available square footage for educational space.  The Kids Warehouse was designed based on the North Campus Kids Warehouse, but with the addition of moveable walls to provide additional flexibility.  Several classrooms also contain moveable walls to allow for expansion to accommodate large classes.  We also took the opportunity to add the maximum number of men’s and women’s toilets allowed in the new restrooms to accommodate growth.  This number was based on our total weekly occupancy number and monthly water consumption.  For us to add any additional bathroom facilities would require creating a new sewage drain field and a larger septic system.