Each year, the Sunday after the Super Bowl, there will be an induction into the New Hope Sports Hall of Fame:

  • An Inspirational Inductee (will be an inspiration to all of us. That could be you! It could be a 9 year old, a student, an adult, or a senior adult who has inspired us all. A motivating feel good story!)
  • An Elite Sports Inductee (will be a sports person who has excelled in the highest levels in his or her sport. They would generally be recognized on a city, state or national level.)

2017 Inspirational Inductee
Don Boykin | Watch Video

2016 Inspirational Inductee
Victor Epps | Watch Video

2015 Elite Inductee
Larry Smith | Watch Video

2015 Inspirational Inductees
Joe & Mary Catherine Domaleski | Watch Video

2014 Inspirational Inductee
Noah Chalkley | Watch Video

2014 Elite Sports Inductee
Jim Bailey | Watch Video

2014 Elite Sports Inductee
Hugh Kirby | Watch Video

2012 Inspirational Inductee
Ted “Rock” Knapp | Watch Video

2012 Inspirational Inductee
Barbara Aldred | Watch Video

2012 Elite Sports Inductee
Kent Hill | Watch Video

2011 Inspirational Inductee
Tommy Webb | Watch Video

2011 Community Inspirational Inductees
Jeffrey & Dominique Gumbs | Watch Video

2011 Elite Sports Inductee
Bob Dalton | Watch Video

2010 Inspirational Inductee
Ed and Jonathan Vise | Watch Video

2010 Elite Sports Inductee
Reggie Johnson | Watch Video

2009 Inspirational Inductee
Lynn Boykin | Watch Video

2009 Elite Sports Inductee
Lee Haney (Lee is an 8 time Mr. Olympia) Watch Video

All inductees need to be New Hope members! Al Mead will oversee a selection committee each year and we have nomination forms available for our Inductees that you can personally nominate. Each inductee will have a portrait hung on the New Hope Sports Hall of Fame wall in our Sports Center and presented with a trophy during a ceremony on Hall of Fame Sunday morning.