“To Build This Man” Men’s Ministry


Build Christian Men who accept and perform their God ordained leadership role.

Challenge men to become Men of God, by connecting them to programs and other Men that will enable them to become Men of New Hope.



  • I am a man of God;
  • I refuse to be passive;
  • I am a leader and a member of God’s eternal kingdom;
  • I serve God, my family, my church, and accept the great commission of Jesus to teach all nations;
  • I love my wife passionately, I protect her and my family, in me they find sanctuary, and in me they see God’s love;
  • I will always place Gods mission first;
  • I will never accept defeat;
  • I will never compromise the Truth;
  • I will never leave a fallen brother;
  • I am forgiven, therefore I will forgive;
  • I am disciplined, spiritually, physically and mentally tough;
  • I am a man of prayer and I study God’s Word;
  • I stand ready to engage Satan in spiritual warfare without compromise, regardless of what men may think;
  • I am a guardian of His Kingdom and the Christian way of life;
  • I am a man of God.


Saturday Morning Men’s Prayer
Purpose: Unite New Hope men under one umbrella, seeking God’s face and will for our lives, our families lives, our church, and our community
Point of Contact: Dean Lillard
Telephone #: 770-652-8845
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/ministries/mens-ministry
Email Address: dlillard@clayton.k12.ga.us
Meets every other Saturday morning @ 7:30 AM in alternating locations (North or South campus)

Living in Freedom Everyday (L.I.F.E.)/men’s sexual issues
Purpose: Help men courageously confront and eradicate sexual sin and addictions
Point of Contact: Brian Moore
Telephone #: 404-535-0052
Email Address: bfmoore@southernco.com
Website: https://www.freedomeveryday.org/men/index.php
Meets every Tuesday evening @ 7PM in Sharpsburg

Restoring Your Heart (3 progressive courses offered)
Purpose: Help people heal emotionally and relationally; resolve past emotional issues to help men grow spiritually
Point of Contact: Melody Weaver, Linda Dukes
Telephone #s: 770-461-4337 (Melody); 770-460-1337 (Linda)
Website: https://www.disciplebuilding.org/ministries/restorative-ministry
Each course lasts approximately 18 weeks.

Men’s Sunday School Classes
Purpose: Study and apply God’s Word to men’s lives; discuss men’s difficulties and problems in an accepting, compassionate, and understanding environment
Points of Contact: Gordon McFarlane and John Harrison (North Campus); Jimmy McCullough (South Campus)
Email Addresses: Gordon@dcipool.com; jhharrison1@comcast.net; jmmcullough@bellsouth.net
Telephone #: 770-841-4424 (Gordon); 770-719-8451 (Jimmy)
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/ministries/mens-ministry

Bill Glass Prison Ministry
Purpose: Share the message of Jesus’ hope and salvation to imprisoned men
Point of Contact: Gordon McFarlane
Email Addresses: Gordon@dcipool.com
Telephone #: 770-841-4424
Website: https://billglass.org/

Student Ministries
Purpose: Develop Godly young men and women within our church
Point of Contact: Micheal Thompson (North), Alex Edwards (South)
Email Addresses: michealt@newhopebc.org, alexe@newhopebc.org
Telephone #: 770-460-4831 (Micheal); 770-461-4441 (Alex)
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/students/

Warrior Weekend
Purpose: A weekend for 9th/10th grade guys and their dads to come down to Heard County, Georgia and learn what it truly means to be a Godly man. We talk about items from Rejecting Passivity, Accepting Responsibility, Seeking a Greater Reward, and Leading Courageously. We take canoe trips, have some of the best food in America, play games like capture the flag, and sleep in tents. This is a very exciting weekend that you do not want to miss out on.
Point of Contact: Micheal Thompson (North), Alex Edwards (South)
Email Addresses: michealt@newhopebc.org, alexe@newhopebc.org
Telephone #: 770-460-4831 (Micheal); 770-461-4441 (Alex)

Life Coaching
Purpose: Train and equip leaders to become disciple-makers
Point of Contact: Hugh Kirby
Email Address: hughk@newhopebc.org
Telephone #: 770-461-4337

Boy Scout Troop # 172
Purpose: To develop boys and young men into servant leaders for our nation who embrace character and self-discipline
Point of Contact: Scoutmaster Jeff Burleson
Telephone #: 404-660-0399
Email Address: jeffdburleson@comcast.net

Handy Men
Purpose: Use the talents and abilities God has given us to help those in need. Help single mothers, the disabled, those in economic hardships, senior adults and community service projects
Points of Contact: Nick Nichols & Andy Green
Telephone #s: 770-461-4953, or 404-822-5692 (Nick); 770-294-7144 (Andy)
Email Addresses: nick43@bellsouth.net; agreen1211@aol.com
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/ministries/mens-ministry/new-hope-handy-men/

Purpose: Using sports and recreation to reach our community for Christ
Point of Contact: Al Mead
Telephone #: 770-460-4823
Email Address: almead@newhopebc.org
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/sports/

Royal Ambassadors
Purpose: Boys are taught to be responsible followers of Jesus and to have a Christ-like concern for all people
Point of Contact: Tony & Tina Plunkett (North) & Mandy Huff (South)
Telephone #: 770-461-4337
Email Address: thomasplunkett@bellsouth.net , tinap@newhopebc.org,
Website: https://www.newhopebc.org/event/royal-ambassadors-ras-2/2013-08-21

Outside Facilities
Purpose: Join the team to help support our landscape and outside ministry team.
Point of Contact: Bill Bonner
Telephone #: 404-316-6232
Email Address: bill@southeastproperties.com