Below are options to consider as you search for a ministry to serve within New Hope. Each ministry as a different need so feel free to connect with the contact person listed to find the right spiritual fit for you!



  • Sunday School Teachers North Campus (9:00 – 10:30 AM)
  • Sunday School Teachers South Campus (10:30 – 11:45 AM)

Adults are needed in current classes for training & experience and then transition into a new class the next season. This is a great opportunity to learn all that is involved in teaching children!

  • High 5 Kid’s Worship Team- adults who are willing to be a part of our team, serving in various areas (music, drama, technology, games, etc.) for our quarterly kid’s worship time during Sunday school at both locations.

North Campus, Tina Plunkett: | 770.460.4826
South Campus, Mandy Huff: | 770.461.4337 ext. 451


  • Decision Encouragers “Rhys’ Friends” – come alongside those who raise their hand during the invitation. Give them a packet of information and ask them to fill out a decision card. Also offer to pray/ follow-up those encouraged.
  • Job Seeker Encouragers – Share Job Seeker tools provided by New Hope with those looking for work and pray with them.
  • Life Coach – Pray with and encourage someone of the same gender that is hurting.
  • Life Coach Couples – Pray with and encourage couples.

Lesley Deyton: | 770.461.4337 ext. 884

Sundays at North Campus:

  • Welcome Center Receivers at the Welcome Center Sunday mornings from 8:45-9:30 AM
  • Bulletin Greeters before Sunday service from 10:20-11:00 AM
  • Sidewalk Greeters before Worship Service 10:20-11:00 AM
  • Front Door Volunteers serve on rotating Sundays.

You are welcome to serve 1 to 4 Sundays a month.

Sundays at South Campus:

  • Welcome Center Receivers at the Welcome Center Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:25 AM and again after the service directing for Sunday School.
  • Bulletin Greeter Coordinator for Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:25 AM
  • Bulletin Greeters for Sunday mornings from 8:30- 9:25 AM

Lesley Deyton: | 770.461.4337 ext. 884


  • Childcare provider needed to serve parents participating in the foster parent training program meetings.
  • Volunteers needed to sort and wash clothes donated to Gracie’s Closet.
  • Volunteers needed to work while Gracie’s Closet is open.
  • Greeters needed to serve the Haiti sponsorship appreciation coffee/dessert

Laurie King:


  • Front Desk Volunteers – checking in and checking out patrons. Assisting people when they come in looking for something in particular.
  • Back Room Volunteers – help with getting books, DVD’s, etc. ready to be entered in the computer as well as covering books, and the like.
  • Teachers for Basic Computing Class – We would like to offer a basic computer class at various times throughout the week. We need teachers for this.

Diane Nichols: | Home 770.461.4953 | Library 770.460.4857

This team calls, prays for, and provides hospitality to those attending the New Member Class at north and south campuses. Couples or individuals can join.

Lesley Deyton: | 770.461.4337 ext. 884


  • Office Assistance Coordinator – organize a team of volunteers to help with mail-outs, stuff bulletins, and other light office duties.
  • Volunteers to help with mail-outs, stuff bulletins, and other light office duties.

Courtney Pate: | 770.461.4337

PRESCHOOL MINISTRY (Birth-Kindergarten)
Great opportunities for volunteers to serve two or more times a year with preschoolers birth- Kindergarten during the morning worship time. All materials and snacks provided. You only need to bring a loving spirit and be ready to have fun with the children. You will be helping parents hear the Good News of Christ!

  • Sunday School teachers: to serve weekly or substitute in preschool rooms
  • Computer Check-In: volunteers needed to greet preschoolers and their parents on Sunday mornings. Basic computer skills required.
  • Special Events: volunteers needed to help plan, organize, recruit, serve for special events throughout the year (Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Easter Eggstravaganza).

North Campus – Libby Baker: | 770.460.4830.
South Campus – Shelly Preuer: | 770.461.4337 ext 442

An adult ministry – that’s not age limited – serving our congregation and community. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring in the public schools and helping with fundraising events. Crafters are encouraged to join too! Ask about the monthly PrimeTime newsletter.

Wendell Banks –

North Campus:

  • Data entry/office administrative assistance
  • Data entry for student ministry website
  • Technical/lighting assistance for Wednesday night Alive
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Parking lot greetings for Wednesday night Alive
  • Gym ministry leaders for Wednesday night Alive
  • Sunday morning Life group pancake/waffle makers and greeters

South Campus:

  • Wednesday LIVE adult volunteers to assist with greeting, food, counseling, and tech support.

Stephanie Angileri: | 770.461.4337 ext 856.

North Campus

  • Volunteer Camera Operators for Sunday morning services (No Experience is required for this position – time commitment is from 10:15 AM until the end of the service and typically about 1.5-2 hours per week)

South Campus

  • PowerPoint/Computer operators for Sunday morning service. A good understanding of Windows/ PowerPoint is helpful, along with a music background or a heart for music and Worship (You don’t need to sing, but you do need to be able to follow the music/words) Time Commitment is for Sunday 7:30-10:30 AM. This is on a rotation and would require 1-2 Sundays each month.
  • Lighting Operator (This requires someone with a creative “outside the box” thinking process – No experience is necessary – time commitment is Sunday 8:00-10:30 AM for 1-2 Sundays each month)

Clark Dailey: | 770.461.4337 ext. 808


  • Table leaders are needed to attend all five classes. The table leader gets to know the people at his/her table and encourages them. The fifth class will be an open consultation for all at the table.

Lesley Deyton: | 770.461.4337 ext 884

The women’s ministry team consists of ladies who worship at the north and south campuses. We offer a variety of ways to love, encourage and serve the women of New Hope and those in our community. Join us in our Bible studies throughout the week, prayer retreats, Sunday school classes, celebration evenings and connections into the community.

Donna Conrad: