If In Doubt Book

The title If in Doubt relates to everyone.  Everyone has problems, and many of us experience doubts.  You may have grown up around a committed faith, but you do not want to believe only because it is your background but because you are truly persuaded.  These are the doubts of faith—that is, valid questions that can be answered to strengthen faith.

Maybe you are a stranger to the seven great questions, but through this book, you will become acquainted not merely to the ideas but hopefully even to the One behind all this.

This book is written to help with the questions of faith and to challenge the doubts that can be answered.

7 Great Questions

  1. We ask about origins. Does the world system support the magnificence of life by a catastrophic explosion of have we been designed for this life?
  2. Is there a right or wrong? Are all moral choices just for what is easiest or is there a standard that should never change? Does God has a say in our ethical choices?
  3. How do we answer someone who says that the Bible is full of fairy stories? Is there much more evidence than we realize? How does the bible square up to history and fact.
  4. How about Jesus? In my favorite chapter, “The One and Only” we look at his extraordinary life.
  5. And did Jesus rise from dead? We look at classic objections to believing in the Resurrection.  Some say that another person swapped identity with Jesus just before the cross.  So someone else hung on the cross, fooling all the disciples, His mother, the authorities, the crowd, everybody. The body-double dies.  Then Jesus appears full of deceit and lies.  In this sorry episode, in cowardly fashion, He pretends that He dies and rises. As to how He ascended 40 days later I am sure that there is a conspiracy theory for that too. But we will examine the objections and doubts and see that there are answers.
  6. And how is this relevant? Well, do we know where we are going when we die? If we do then that is surely going to help and direct us in this life. We ask about heaven and hell, and other theories of our destiny. Have you made up your mind?
  7. And where is this world going? Most agree that right now the world order is not going too well. How about the “end times”?  When is the end of the world going to be and will Jesus return?

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