21 Days of Prayer

December 23, 2014

We, at New Hope, believe that God has called us to supernaturally impact our community, nation and world.  We also believe that we have a mission to declare Christ, build disciples, and do works that glorify our Lord.  We like to say, “Declare, Disciple and Do.”  We know that this will only be accomplished through the power of Christ and the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We desire to be people of prayer, who have a heart of sharing the message and love of Christ and to gather in community.  To do this, we want to focus a season of prayer over the next 21 days.  This is a Call to Prayer.  We desire to agree together in unity, to spend the next few weeks as a community of faith in Christ, to lift up our hearts in prayer.

Each day, we will focus on a prayer topic together.  Please take a moment to read the provided Bible verse, pray, and think about what God is showing you.  If you do not have a practice of daily prayer now, we hope this will help you develop a daily process for prayer and devotion.  If you already have a daily prayer time, thank you for including this as we move through a season of prayer together.

WEEK 1 (September 13-19)
Today’s prayer focus is …


WEEK 2 (September 20-26)
Today’s prayer focus is …


WEEK 3 (September 27-October 3)
Today’s prayer focus is …